They’re at it again.

Leftists at The George Washington University have created a petition urging the school to rename several campus buildings, including those named after Founding Fathers James Monroe and James Madison, as well as the Winston Churchill Center.

The petition was created on behalf of the Black Student Union, Black Defiance, Persist GW, Students for Indigenous and Native American Rights, and Students Against Imperialism.

The activists claim that these historical figures “perpetuated and advances [sic] systemic oppression,” and that renaming these buildings will “foster an inclusive and healthier environment that demonstrates an intolerance of racism and colonial values.”

In addition to targeting Monroe and Madison, the student groups slam Churchill as a “fervent white supremacist” and “genocidal monster,” with these “anti-imperialist” activists ironically omitting his valiant efforts to rid Europe of Nazis and fascism.

They also target Francis Scott Key Hall, named after the author of the U.S. national anthem. “The original words of the poem are tainted in hypocrisy and racism,” the petition states.

The petition also urges the school to again reconsider its moniker–“Colonials”–which has been at the forefront of leftist activism on campus over the past year.

Interestingly enough, the petition falls short of calling on the university to rename itself–named after our first President, George Washington. It will be sadly unsurprising when these leftists eventually come for one of the bravest men America has ever known–rioters have already torn down his bust on campus, so it is only a matter of time.

These ignorant history-erasers are in no place to judge some of the greatest men to have ever walked this earth. Leftists have sacrificed and accomplished nothing in comparison to the feats of our world’s leaders, and yet believe they can look back with today’s standards of morality and impart judgement on those who lived through a completely different time period. GW has made it a habit to cave to leftist pressure, so it’s hard to imagine any major pushback from the administration on these demands. George Washington must be rolling in his grave.