A prestigious prep school in Nashville has officially ended its yearly celebration of George Washington, claiming it is not “consistent with” the way the school teaches history today.

According to the leader of Harpeth Hall School, who spoke with a local paper, the school decided to discontinue the celebration for a multitude of reasons, claiming it didn’t “demonstrate the significant role that women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups play” in history, as well as noting a growing number of students and staff expressed “discomfort” with the tradition.

Yes, you read that correctly. Students were uncomfortable with celebrating America’s first president, one of the Founding Fathers who ensured our nation would remain free and a model for liberty across the globe, allowing today’s students to pursue an education at such a prestigious institution.

This isn’t the first time the “woke mob” has come after George Washington. Earlier this month, rioters in Washington, D.C. toppled a statue of Washington’s head at The George Washington University. GWU, in an attempt to sweep the incident under the rug, has yet to release a statement more than 3 weeks after the fact or say anything in defense of its namesake.

Last weekend, rioters in Baltimore spray painted a statue of the nation’s first president with the words “BLM” and “destroy racists.”

An angry mob in Portland covered a statue of Washington with an American flag before toppling it and lighting it on fire.

These far-left activists are attempting to destroy America’s history as we know it. Without Washington’s perseverance and commitment to independence, protestors around the country wouldn’t have the freedom to protest their government peacefully. Whether it’s tearing down his statue or refusing to honor and recognize the role he played in America’s founding, the end goal is the same: to erase or rewrite our country’s past in an attempt to appease the zany whims of the woke mob.

If George Washington isn’t safe from cancel culture, no one is.