Because the “Leftist Indoctrination Task Force” is too obvious, The George Washington University’s Board of Trustees yesterday created a “Task Force on Naming,” which aims to establish the criteria and procedures for any request to rename a campus building or landmark in order to “acknowledge and confront history.”

“GW has its own history that we must explore, and we need a framework in place to be able to advance these discussions,” the Trustees wrote in a university-wide email obtained by Young America’s Foundation.

The task force itself will not consider specific renaming requests, but only establish a university framework for how requests will be handled in the future.

It seems GW did not heed Michael Knowles’ advice on cancel culture at the school in a YAF lecture earlier this semester. Knowles focused his speech on an effort by the student government to change the university’s mascot from a colonial to something less “offensive.”

Of course, the leftist tyrants-in-training at GW would not be satisfied with just changing the mascot, and now they have shifted their focus to renaming any potentially “problematic” building name, including the Cloyd Heck Marvin Center.

According to the GW Hatchet, only three students are included on the task force–and of course, not a single conservative student was invited to take part. All three students are liberals, and two of the three played pivotal roles in the push for the colonial mascot change and effort to rename campus buildings. I wonder what their recommendations will be!

It’s difficult to predict where these ridiculous demands and attempts to rewrite history will end. After all, the school is named after George Washington, our first President and one of the nation’s Founding Fathers who played a key role in the fight for freedom and independence from Britain.

But, the only thing the leftists might care about is to rename the school after someone less “problematic”? These entitled snowflakes are tumbling down the rabbit hole with their efforts to make the university more “inclusive,” and it seems the school is unsurprisingly giving in to the leftist mob. If Chick fil A caved, there is no doubt GW will.

The George Washington University did not immediately return a request for comment.