GW is up to no good.

Following a student body referendum last spring that narrowly voted to change the university’s “offensive” colonial mascot, The George Washington University has been quietly removing “colonial” from familiar campus fixtures.

While the official mascot remains the colonial, the university recently renamed “Colonial Central,” the student center focused on registration and financial services, to the “Student Services Hub.”

Additionally, the student group “Colonial Army,” which draws students to attend sporting events for the school, rebranded itself “George’s Army.” The group claims the name change had nothing to do with the recent referendum and the movement to remove the colonial name from GW’s campus, and according to the Hatchet, hoped it would “remedy the group’s declining participation at basketball games.”

The spring referendum passed narrowly, with only 54 percent of students voting to replace the mascot. GW students who voted in favor of the referendum claimed the colonial mascot was racist and oppressive, and wanted the university to take on a more “inclusive” moniker. With such a narrow margin, it’s important to note that only around 5,000 students voted in the election—less than half of the 12,000 students who make up the university.