A Catholic university in Missouri this week decided to issue the school’s College Republicans chapter a disciplinary warning for their posting of a video in which they asked “What is a woman?”

Earlier this month, YAF reported that the Saint Louis University CRs were under investigation by their school. On Wednesday, SLU officially deemed that a video posted to SLUCR’s account, in which they asked the non-university affiliated “SLU Sluts” to define the word woman, was in violation of their Community Standards.

“We reviewed multiple materials in our determination in this matter. Based on the totality of information we reviewed, we determined, under the preponderance of the evidence standard, that College Republicans is responsible for 2.7.21 Inappropriate Conduct,” read a letter to SLUCR President Nicholas Baker from the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards (OSRCS).

According to the office, “…the purpose of the video was not to advance or articulate any particular viewpoint, nor was it to promote civil and thoughtful discourse.”

The organization was issued a disciplinary warning to last one year and “…create a draft proposal of a social media policy for student organizations.” This policy must then be reviewed by OSRCS.

“Further misconduct, while your disciplinary warning is in effect, could result in disciplinary probation,” they added.

CR President Nicholas Baker told YAF “We maintain that we have not violated any community standards, nor was our post inappropriate in any way, shape, or form.”

“We fully intend to fight this verdict, and we are confident that we will come out on top,” he said.

YAF reached out to SLU for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Recently, SLU made headlines when multiple students destroyed an approved pro-life display. YAF reported on the incident and a subsequent incident in which a young female student claimed, “and I’ll f***ing keep killing babies.” Both incidents were caught on film.

It is unknown whether any of the vandals will face repercussions, and the school has made it clear via a statement that they will not be making any of that information public.

In a clearly ideologically motivated decision, SLU has decided to sanction the conservative organization for asking the question “What is a woman?” In their reasoning, they claim it doesn’t foster dialogue. A question, more than anything, fosters dialogue. The only explanation for this disciplinary action is ideological bias. Matt Walsh is sure to cause a stir when he visits the university on December 1, to discuss abortion and the pro-life movement.