A Catholic University in Missouri is investigating a conservative student group for refusing to bow to the anti-science Left, according to a tip received through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

The St. Louis University College Republicans received a letter from the school’s Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards, informing them of an investigation into a video posted on the organization’s Instagram page.

“The Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards has been notified that on or about September 29, 2021, the SLU College Republicans posted a video online using the official platform belonging to SLU College Republicans) that may involve violations of the Community Standards as found in the Saint Louis University Student Handbook:

  • 2.7.21 Inappropriate Conduct: Behavior that fails to uphold the University’s mission, values, objectives and responsibilities; behavior that fails to model good citizenship.”

The College Republicans used a famous line from Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, asking the liberal students to define what a woman is. The video, which racked up nearly 1,000 views, poked fun at the leftist group “SLU Sluts” who argued that “not all women have a uterus” and “not all people with uteruses are women.”

If the group decided not to partake in SLU’s kangaroo courts, “the allegations will be resolved without [their] input,” according to the letter obtained by YAF.

The ‘SLU Sluts’ group had targeted conservative students in the past, encouraging doxing and harassment of them in classes.

“We are very disappointed that SLU is pursuing charges against us for refusing to perpetuate left-wing gender theory,” SLU College Republicans Chairman Nicholas Baker told YAF.

“The ‘SLU Sluts’ were actively making threats against our members, and put together a plan to ‘call us out in class’ for our pro-life values, but somehow we’re the ones on trial for simply asking them to define their terms. It’s disheartening to see this supposedly Catholic university constantly falling on its knees to remain in the far-left’s grace.”

It’s insane that students at a Catholic university are being investigated for supporting the truth that biological men cannot become women. If you want to help push back against this leftist insanity, attend Matt Walsh’s YAF lecture at SLU on December 1st.