On Monday, multiple campus leftists vandalized a pro-life display on a Catholic, Missouri campus. Today, an enraged leftist student approached and lambasted one of the organizers for his pro-life stance, according to a video of the confrontation.

A Saint Louis University student was caught on tape hurling insults and vitriol at a conservative, pro-life student on Wednesday. “People hate you. You’re a disgusting misogynist and Karma’s gonna f***ing get you. And you’ll see that when you f***ing die and hopefully you f***ing go to hell,” said the student.

She continued to berate the student and his activism in the profanity-laced tirade. “…and I’ll f***ing keep killing babies,” she says before the video ends.

According to a member of SLU College Republicans who witnessed both events, the student captured on video is same student who was filmed vandalizing the Students for Life Display on Monday.

YAF reported on the vandalism of SLU’s Students for Life Cemetery of the Innocents on Monday, including video footage from multiple incidents.

In a Wednesday statement, SLU said that it has been made aware of possible Community Standard violations, however, all investigations and decisions would be entirely confidential.

“In order to begin shifting how we communicate during difficult times, we will host dialogue sessions for students who want to dig into the position of the Catholic Church on human sexuality and reproduction, the nuances of reproductive health, learn more about different ways to advocate that are generative, and work together to think through viable solutions,” the school added.

This is the type of hostility that conservative students face daily on college campuses. Our institutions of higher learning are rotting from the inside. These students have been coddled and shielded from the inconvenience of an opinion they disagree with, and we’re seeing the devastating results on our campuses. In order to fight this intolerance, activists must continue to speak, no matter how inconvenient it is to those who disagree.

Matt Walsh is set to speak at SLU on December 1, which has caused a great deal of uproar from leftists on campus.