By: Nick Baker 

At least two picture books that explicitly promote transgenderism and “gender fluidity” to children are sitting front-and-center on the library shelves of a special education preschool classroom in Washington state, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

“Parents were not allowed to drop off their kids or pick them up in the classroom. This means they have no way of knowing what materials are in the classroom or what materials could be confusing them,” a concerned parent wrote in an email to Michael Hayes, Principal of Happy Valley Elementary School.

According to the parent, Hayes has failed to respond to any of their concerns.

Both titles are crafted to encourage young children between the ages of three and seven to question their biological identities and explore the possibility of undergoing a gender transition.

“I’m Not A Girl,” by Jessica Verdi, loosely follows the real-life gender transition of the book’s twelve-year-old co-author. “Fred Gets Dressed,” by Peter Brown, features a boy who tries on his mother’s clothes and make-up, ultimately discovering that he prefers them over boys’ clothing; and therefore must actually be a girl.

“I just don’t see why it matters to anyone. It matters very much to the children who are trying to discover [their] true selves,” author Peter Brown replied to a parent’s critical review of his book on Amazon.

YAF’s attempts to reach the district’s spokeswoman and the principal of the school were unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, faculty and administrators in the Bellingham Public School District are constantly working to indoctrinate young students into the Left’s ideological gender and sexuality cult.

Two months ago, YAF exposed the district’s plans to host a drag show featuring student performers at one of their local middle schools, funded by a $2,000 grant.

Just over a year ago, YAF reported about a first-grade teacher who read another trans indoctrination book, “I Am Jazz,” to her students. Months later, a second-grade teacher instructed her students to use “gender-inclusive” pronouns when speaking to classmates.

“This is all too common in Bellingham Schools. Activist teachers take it upon themselves, with full support of the administration, to push gender ideology on our children,” local father Christoper Morris told YAF.

“Ultimately, it’s the kids who will suffer,” he added.

To top everything off, an investigation by YAF last year revealed that Jennifer Mason, then-president of the Bellingham School Board, owns and operates an “all-ages” sex shop. Though Mason is no longer president, she does maintain a role on the board.

For far too long, teachers have been allowed to use the classroom as a pulpit for indoctrinating our nation’s youth. The only way this will end is when we take a stand against the madness.

If you want to voice your opinion, call Nicholas Hayes, Principal of Happy Valley Elementary School: (360) 676-6420.