By: Nick Baker

The Gender Sexuality Alliance Club at a middle school in Bellingham, Washington is planning to host a “Drop-Dead Gorgeous Drag Show,” according to a tip received through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

According to an announcement posted to the school district’s website, the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation hosted a Shark Tank-style pitch competition called ‘Think BIG,’  in which seven student organizations throughout the district competed for funding grants totaling $10,000. The distribution of the grants was voted upon by members of the community.

Though the final grant distribution amounts were not announced, members of the Whatcom Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association indicated on Facebook that the “Drop-Dead Gorgeous Drag Show” proposal received a portion of the funds.

“The drag show hasn’t happened yet, but I can’t wait to support our children in feeling safe and comfortable expressing themselves. I’m thrilled the community voted to support the project at the Think BIG Challenge. Whatcom GSA rocks!” Hayley Dustin, a Whatcom Middle School parent posted.

“Also, I have taken my kids to drag shows at Whatcom Community College, there was no nudity or anything, completely different show then [sic] the ones at the bar,” Daylene Todd, who is the mother of three young children in the district, commented.

”I want to know when it is so I can take my kiddos!” she added.

Mark Heimer and Patrisia Kulaas, faculty advisors for the Gender Sexuality Alliance Club at Whatcom Middle School, did not respond to YAF’s request for comment.

Fortunately, there are still some parents who recognize that it is extremely inappropriate for twelve year-old children to be audience members– even more so, participants– in a drag show.

“As a Bellingham Public School parent, I am very concerned to see that one of our middle schools not only has a ‘Gender Sexuality Alliance Club,’ but that it will be involved in a drag show.  Our schools have become more interested in activism than education, pushing leftist gender ideology at every turn. What started out as a call for inclusion has become ceaseless promotion,” Christopher Morris, father of a second grade student in the district, told YAF.

This is far from the first time that radical left-wing gender ideology has found its way into the classrooms of Bellingham Public Schools. Last year, YAF reported on a first-grade teacher who promoted transgenderism to her class by reading the book “I Am Jazz” during storytime. A few months later, a second-grade teacher instructed her students to refer to their peers as ‘theys’ and ‘thems’ in order to avoid assuming a classmate’s gender. To make matters worse, an investigation by YAF revealed that Jennifer Mason, then-president of the Bellingham School Board, owns and operates a self-described “all-ages” sex toy shop. Mason is no longer president of the school board, but does maintain a role on the board.

Woke gender ideology has infected our country’s education system, and activist teachers, administrators, and community members are enabling students to be indoctrinated under the guise of education.

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