A 1st grade teacher in Washington read her students a book pushing transgender ideology as the school district sat back and did nothing, according to an anonymous tip through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

Jennifer Miller, a 1st grade teacher in Bellingham School District, subjected her six and seven-year-old students to I am Jazz, a book that details a two-year-old biological male beginning his transition to a female, with the support of his parents.

“Did you read this book to 1st graders today?” one outraged parent asked in an email to the teacher, showing a screenshot of I Am Jazz.

“Yes, I did read this book,” Miller replied. “As a district we are working hard to support all members of our school community and promote inclusion through understanding and compassion.”

Concerned parents reached out to school administrators and the school board, both of whom refused to take action.

An investigation by YAF revealed that Jennifer Mason, president of the Bellingham School Board, owns and operates a self-described “all-ages” sex toy shop.

According to a local paper, “[Mason] said while the store only sells to those ages 16 and older, people of any age can be in the store.”

“I want to show people if sex isn’t something to be ashamed about, then I should be able to be an elected official and own a sex shop at the same time,” Mason told the local paper. “That’s what it means to live your values.”

Mason, who has held her presidential position since 2017, was approached by concerned parents about pushing transgenderism on their first-grade children. She did not provide a response to their concerns.

An angry parent went so far as reaching out to Bellingham Public Schools superintendent, Greg Baker, with his concerns. Baker refused to engage over email with the parent, and instead requested a phone call–but shut down the idea once the parent asked if he could record the call.

Mason did not respond to YAF’s questions whether if her position working with young children is a conflict of interest. Bellingham School District also did not reply to YAF’s request for comment.

It’s no surprise that someone like Mason, who promotes sex toys to children of “all-ages,” would ignore concerns about pushing far-left gender identity politics in the classroom. Mason’s qualifications to serve in a role advising the education and curriculum of young children should be questioned–and parents should make their voices heard.

If you want to voice your opinion, email the Bellingham Public Schools Superintendent Greg Baker at Greg.Baker@bellinghamschools.org.