Young America’s Foundation is proud to announce that the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors has selected two chapters for the 2020 Chapter of the Year. These chapters are Texas A&M Young Americans for Freedom (TAMU YAF) and Lake Forest High School Young Americans for Freedom (LFHS YAF).

This year, despite the COVID pandemic virtually eliminating all student activities on campus for the majority of the spring semester, Young Americans for Freedom chapters once again stood out from the crowd. With unparalleled levels of activism and campus influence, dozens successfully fought their schools for official recognition and hundreds more promoted freedom on their campuses to inspire their peers to stand up for America.

The YAF chapter at Texas A&M excelled this past school year – their activism serves as a strong example of what is needed to succeed in today’s campus environment. Led by Chairman Reed Olsen, TAMU YAF hosted over 2,000 individuals at their speaking events featuring Steven Crowder and the Louder with Crowder crew as well as Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Jonah Goldberg.

In addition to these speaker events, TAMU YAF conducted several activism projects including flagship initiatives developed by National YAF such as the iconic 9/11: Never Forget Project as well as unique events focused on topics specific to the College-Station community. The chapter was also integral in the development of YAF’s #CCPNotForMe campaign dedicated to raising awareness of the atrocities committed under the Communist Chinese regime.

National YAF is also excited to announce that Lake Forest High School YAF (LFHS YAF) has been selected for the 2020 High School Chapter of the Year.

LFHS YAF embodies what high school conservative groups should aspire to emulate. Lead by Chairman Alisa Giannelli, LFHS YAF worked exceptionally hard to become an institution in the town of Lake Forest, a suburb of Chicago. Beginning last year, the chapter fought for several months to achieve school recognition, with nearly 100 students showing up to gatherings and demanding that conservatives be allowed to organize on campus. After succeeding, much thanks to public pressure provided by students, parent, and the local community, the YAF chapter went on to carry out numerous projects including National YAF’s flagship projects and community-oriented activism to address prevalent issues like abortion and socialism.

The chapter usually had to fight long battles with the school for permission to conduct these projects at their school. Furthermore, the chapter raised several thousands of dollars on their own in an effort to host Fox News’s Rachel Campos Duffy and her husband Rep. Sean Duffy as well as Forbes CEO Steve Forbes—events that filled the school’s auditorium with hundreds of students and interested community members.

In addition to these two exemplar chapters, the Board of Governors chose to highlight a runner up for Chapter of the Year, the College of Lake County YAF (CLC YAF).

CLC YAF is another chapter in the suburbs of Chicago, and is widely known in their community for their fervent activism. If there was a popular leftist idea advanced on their campus, these bold students were quick to organize activism projects to ensure their peers understand and are inspired by conservative ideas.

CLC YAF also continued to stand firm in the face of adversity. From dealing with professors who openly attacked the chapter and students who destroyed their displays, to being assaulted when protesting a local Planned Parenthood facility, CLC YAF never hesitated to push back and work even harder to make their messages heard. Their bold and unabashed activism inspired their community, with multiple YAF chapters at nearby schools forming because of CLC YAF’s work.

No matter the circumstances, YAF chapters remain passionate about advancing America’s founding principles on their campuses. With the 2020-2021 school year presenting new challenges for student engagement, conservatives can remain confident knowing that Young Americans for Freedom chapters nationwide will continue to work as hard as ever to inspire their peers with conservative ideas.

The following chapters were also nominated for the 2020 Chapter of the Year:

  • Baylor University
  • Boston University
  • Kennesaw State University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Southern California

Young America’s Foundation is proud to provide necessary training, knowledge, and for Young Americans for Freedom chapters at high schools and colleges across the country resources to outpace leftists. We are honored to support these bold activists in their vital work to reach their peers.