An advisor at an Illinois college has resigned from her position as Sustainability Club advisor, claiming she has been “impacted quite negatively” by the Young Americans for Freedom chapter on campus and noting she is “concerned by the very presence of some of its members.”

Shannon Bassi, a staff member at the College of Lake County, faced backlash last semester after defaming the YAF chapter on campus, hanging posters around campus absurdly claiming the students were a “hate group.”

The school later instituted free speech training in response to the incident.

Just last week, Young America’s Foundation obtained a copy of a statement Bassi distributed to members of her Sustainability Club, announcing her resignation. It is not immediately clear if the school forced Bassi out.

In the letter, Bassi laments the YAF chapter. “Unfortunately, I have been impacted quite negatively by a particular group on campus whose dissemination of lies about me has taken a large toll, as well as much of the joy out of my volunteer position in this role,” she writes.

“I am concerned by the very presence of some of its members, as well as the effect they are having on other people who do not know the truth–not only about me, but about divisive topics, and what I see as a very harmful and hurtful strategic agenda of disinformation fueled with half-truths, skewed data and twisted logic,” the statement says.

“Our campus is filled with intolerant staff, faculty, and professors who are willing to risk their job to shut down conservative speech,” said Rob Corn, CLC YAF chairman. “That should scare anyone who sends their child to this school.”