A female Young Americans for Freedom activist was egged on Friday as she advocated to protect the unborn in front of a newly opened local Planned Parenthood clinic.

Shawna Weber, the vice chairman of the College of Lake County YAF chapter, joined hundreds of other pro-life activists to make a bold stand for the rights of the unborn across from the county’s brand new Planned Parenthood facility.

“I turned around from holding my sign to talk to some counter-protestors when I felt something hit my right side,” Weber told YAF exclusively. “A silver car drove by and I knew at that moment that we had been attacked. I looked on the ground to see what it was and I saw an egg on the ground. About 7 minutes later, that same car came back around and threw more eggs at us, some hitting my shoe and the sign I was holding.”

A priest was also struck by an egg. Weber immediately called the police to file a report, and obtained local surveillance footage of the assault.

Although being attacked for her boldness, Weber refuses to back down. “I will not back down in my activism and support for the rights of unborn humans,” she told YAF.

These brave activists were utilizing their First Amendment rights to peacefully share their views, and instead of being met with intellectual debate and discussion about the issues at hand, found themselves victims of a senseless assault–showing again just how “tolerant” the Left really is.