By Jaryn Crouson

Michigan State University recently hosted a “Sex-Positive Bingo and Trivia” event, just a few weeks after Young America’s Foundation exposed a similar event that was held by the University of Vermont.

The Michigan State event, which was advertised as a “bangin’ good time,” offered various prizes, including vibrators, plush penises and uteri, sex toys, and more. It was held by the University Activity Board in partnership with the “Women*s Center.” The asterisk in the department’s name, MSU’s website explains, is used in place of an apostrophe in order to “share that there is more to the story.”

Before beginning the game, the emcee encouraged students to utilize the university’s Gender and Sexuality Campus Center, which distributes “gender-affirming tools” to students at no cost. These items include chest binders, replica penises for underwear “packing” purposes, and financial assistance to purchase hormone-altering drugs.

Overhead, obscene lyrics from songs by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion set the tone for the evening. Students were asked sex-related trivia questions ranging from the “mechanics of sex” to questions that were designed to promote the Left’s pro-abortion and pro-prostitution agendas. “Which country became the first to legalize abortion in 1945,” one asked. Another was phrased in a way that celebrated the work of a Canadian prostitution ring.

“What is the [inaudible] scale relating to degrees of sexual orientation,” the emcee asked. “Kinsey Scale!” the crowd excitedly responded. The scale was developed by Alfred Kinsey, an infamous “researcher” who performed sexual experiments on children and babies as young as five months old. His team performed both “manual and oral stimulation” on the children in order to see how long it would take for them to “achieve multiple orgasms.” The fact that college students recognize his work in a positive light is deeply disturbing.

The prizes and recourses were supplied by the university’s Center for Gender & Sexuality Campus Center, which claims to “celebrate, affirm, and empower LGBTQIA2S+ members of the Michigan State University community.” Planned Parenthood Generation Action, was also listed as a resource for the event. The group openly advocates for abortion on campus.

The amount of funding, paid for using mandatory student fees assessed by the student government, that was used to purchase supplies for “Sex Bingo” is not publicly listed on the university’s website.

The promotion of sex and gender confusion to teenagers and impressionable young adults while offering resources through an abortion advocacy group should not be tolerated. It comes as no surprise that an event hailed as ”sex-positive” would need to promote abortion in order to accomplish its goals. 

When asked for comment at the event, a club advisor told Young America’s Foundation’s on-scene reporter that she was “instructed not to speak to any media tonight.” YAF has reached out to the University Activity Board advisor for comment in an email but has yet to hear back.