By Carter Fortman

Editor’s Note: Some readers may find the content of this article disturbing and/or offensive.

The University of Vermont hosted an all-inclusive night of “Sex Toy Bingo,” complete with “sexperts,” sex toys, and condom giveaways last week. All expenses were paid using student tuition dollars, an investigation by Young America’s Foundation revealed.

“Interested in a fun, inclusive night of BINGO, Q&A with sexperts, sex toy prizes, condom giveaways, and more? Come to Sex Toy BINGO,” the  University Program Board posted on Instagram. “We all need a safe place to talk about sex (and play some sex toy BINGO). You know you want to come!” 

The University Program Board is comprised of nearly 40 undergraduate students who are paid a stipend for their service. Board member compensation, as well as the expenses associated with their events, are paid for by a $1,305 per-student semesterly fee.

Although the Program Board did not respond to YAF’s request for information, a copy of the bingo card from a previous year’s event was found on the organization’s Facebook page

The bingo card featured various sexual terms, including “spank me,” “vibrating panties,” and “sex toys.”

Earlier in the semester, the Program Board welcomed students to an “annual UVM tradition to learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot,” according to another Facebook post.

“I’m very uncomfortable with my tuition dollars going toward something like this,” Jacob Brocklin, a student at UVM, told YAF. “The Program Board’s mission statement says that they will hold events committed to ‘social justice.’ I don’t understand how giving out sex toys is accomplishing some form of justice,” he continued. 

University officials declined to comment on the cost of the event but did confirm that it was funded through the University Program Board’s allocation of the mandatory student fee.

It is a shame that “institutions of higher learning” pay students, using other students’ funds, to spend their tuition dollars on this sort of inappropriate nonsense.