It is no surprise that freshman Congressman Burgess Owens is speaking out against the Biden Administration’s radical overreach to implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) in America’s education through two resolutions in the House of Representatives.

Owens has been speaking to Young America’s Foundation student activists since 2017.

as part of YAF’s robust campus lecture series, and at high school and college conferences at the Reagan Ranch and in Washington, D.C. He has seen firsthand what is happening on high school and college campuses, and understands the danger of implementing CRT in schools and appeasing a woke mob through federal overreach.

Owens’ first resolution aims to restrict executive agencies from acting in contravention of Executive Order 13950 which was introduced by President Biden on his first day in office.

A separate resolution introduced with 34 current co-sponsors is straightforward: “Critical Race Theory serves as a prejudicial ideological tool, rather than an educational tool, and should not be taught in K–12 classrooms as a way to teach students to judge individuals based on sex, race, ethnicity, and national origin.”

YAF ally Congressman Byron Donalds said of the resolution:

“Critical Race Theory is a warped ideology that seeks to divide Americans and relitigate the sins of the past by pinning White Americans against Black Americans, which is counterproductive and doesn’t belong anywhere near our children. America’s history regarding race is troublesome and deserves the proper attention, but we cannot allow for the degradation of American values and culture through so-called equity training. In the 21st century, we must teach and learn from our history and swear never to repeat it, but we cannot use our past to divide us, which Critical Race Theory will undoubtedly do.”

Young America’s Foundation has seen this trending ideology from Ivy League schools all the way to elementary schools. YAF has highlighted CRT forced on students at Princeton Theological SeminaryChicago Public Schools, an Arizona elementary school, University of Utah, and Gettysburg College just to name a few. And Owens knows this better than anyone.

Two years before being sworn in as a United States Congressman, Owens delivered remarks at Hobart and Williams Smith Colleges and was shouted down from students and called a “Tom.” One student told Owens “I just want to say on behalf of all the white people here in the room, thank you for justifying your racism because, you know, it’s much harder to do from a white face.”

As we have seen time and time again, progressive trends on campuses eventually bleed into the real world. Just last month, leftists called Senator Tim Scott “Tom” after delivering a rebuttal to President Biden’s State of the Union. This behavior is not stopping—in fact, it is applauded by some on the Left.

YAF is grateful for allies like Congressman Owens who bravely speak out against and aim to legislate against the administration’s wishes to indoctrinate malleable minds with Leftist ideology in the name of wokeness.

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