The president of Princeton Theological Seminary slammed Young America’s Foundation in an email, while also attacking the anonymous whistleblower who shared recent footage of mandatory “anti-racism” training.

In an internal email obtained by YAF, President Craig Barnes claimed that YAF “distorted the materials” of the Critical Race Theory training to “discredit this important work.”

“This breach occurred from within the community,” Barnes lamented. “Someone who had access to this material chose to record and share it with an audience for which it was not intended.”

“The most serious consequence is that this act is a breach of trust that impacts the entire community. It makes every member of our community question whether the digital spaces we must inhabit in this season are spaces for authentic reflection, or instead may be unknowingly captured to be taken out of context.”

The trainings, reported on exclusively by YAF, encouraged students to segregate into white-only and BIPOC-only groups for further reflection, while telling students to question basic theological and faith tenets that may have been taught to them in racist frameworks.

PTS’ attempt to intimidate anyone who comes forward with information regarding this mandatory, segregated “anti-racism” training is cowardly. If the school was actually proud of the work that was being accomplished in these settings, why do they not want the general public viewing the materials? They are obviously trying to hide the division and hatred they have sown into their own students.

YAF will not be intimidated, and will continue to expose instances of campus bias just like this one. To submit a tip, go to