A mandatory resident assistant training program at Western Carolina University asserted that “reverse racism is a myth,” according to documents obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation.

An anonymous tip through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line revealed a “cultural competency” training required for all students who are RA’s at WCU. Hosted by Alex Fields, the associate director of residence life, and Gabriel Foust, a graduate community coordinator, the training emphasizes leftist buzzwords such as understanding “microaggressions” and “privilege.”

On page 16 of the PowerPoint, the leaders assert “To put it simply, reverse racism is a myth. There is little to no empirical evidence to support systemic discrimination against white people.”

It goes on to label the idea of reverse racism as “an opposition to policies and movements that sought racial equity in the United States.”

WCU did not respond to YAF’s request for comment, asking if the PowerPoint was approved by university administrators and if WCU supports the ideas set forth in the mandatory training.

This follows a string of resident assistant trainings that YAF has uncovered filled with divisive rhetoric and even segregated tactics, at schools like UC-Davis and the University of Kentucky.

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