Here we go again.

Young America’s Foundation has uncovered yet another Resident Assistant training that segregated students by race, after a tip was submitted to our Campus Bias Tip Line.

The tipster, a University of California Davis student, wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution shared documents showing the school segregating RA training into distinct racial and gender groups. In addition, the documents state that students are not permitted to attend trainings for groups to which they do not belong.

“Student staff should only participate in an affinity group if they hold that identity. These groups are not for those wanting to learn about that identity or to explore curiosity in that identity,” the training website stated.

The affinity groups listed included Black, Latinx, Asian-American, Critical Whiteness, Men of Color, Women of Color, LGBTQIA+, “QTOP” (queer and trans people of color), “Trans, Non-Binary,” and “Women.”

The “critical whiteness” space, according to the website, was designed for staff members “who are, perceived as, or identify as white to engage in conversation about contemporary analyses of whiteness and its role in the work towards social justice.”

UC-Davis did not return YAF’s request for comment on whether the segregated trainings were sanctioned by university administrators.

This story out of California follows YAF’s exposé of similar segregated RA training at the University of Kentucky. YAF’s investigation into UK’s training–which forced white students and black students into separate groups–led to two U.S. senators to call on the Department of Justice to look into the university’s training.

We cannot sit idly by and allow these virtue-signaling, race-baiting leftists to run higher education into the ground. Teaching people they are victims because of their race will only sow more strife in an already divisive world.

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