The Anthropology department at the University of Florida recently hosted a segregated virtual town hall for its students, barring white students from attending.

According to an email obtained exclusively through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line, two PhD students organized the town hall, which was emailed to all students enrolled in an Anthropology course.

“We kindly remind all that you respond to this space [sic] is only for those who identify as a BIPOC individuals in this department. While we appreciate white students may want to join to learn more about the BIPOC perspective, we ask they respect this space as a chance for BIPOC students to come together as BIPOC,” the email read. “We cannot hide our skin color…we ask white students to respect that this is a space where BIPOC students can come together without the need to perform any emotional or mental labor to explain their experiences…”

In addition, an advertisement was retweeted by the official UF Anthropology department account.

This follows a string of recent segregated trainings and town halls exposed through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line, including at the University of Kentucky (UK), UC Davis, University of Denver, and University of Buffalo.

After YAF’s exposé, UK is currently under investigation by the Department of Education for potential civil rights violations.

Reducing students to simply the color of their skin is as racist as it gets. UF is undercutting its students own experiences and opportunities to learn through segregating students by race. It’s time for Americans to speak out against these atrocities and speak out–it’s 2021, not the 1960’s.

UPDATE: A University of Florida spokesman provided YAF with this statement following publication:

“The University and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences administrations recently learned of an event in the Department of Anthropology that may not have been open to students of all races and colors.  Such an event is inconsistent with the University’s policies and values that foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.  The University is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the event and will take appropriate action.”

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