Gettysburg College, a private institution in Pennsylvania, is hosting a blatantly racist event this weekend. Students are encouraged to spend their Saturday evening painting and writing about their frustrations with “white cis men,” according to advertisements posted around campus.

“Tired of white cis men?” the posters ask. “Come paint & write about it,” they continue. The event was organized by a student and sponsored by the college’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center as part of a Peace and Justice Studies senior project. The paintings that will be produced during the event will be posted in the main dining hall for display.

Neither the student organizer, Melissa Trujillo, nor the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center immediately responded to Young America’s Foundation’s request for comment.

“The fact that the college has permitted an event of this nature contradicts every narrative about inclusion that has been put forth by the college in recent years,” Andrew Breschard, a leader of the college’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter told the New Guard

He and other YAF students have submitted complaints through the institution’s bias incident reporting system. Gettysburg policy defines a bias incident as “behavior that is derogatory in nature” and targets an individual based on their protected characteristics, including race, gender, and sexual orientation. Without a doubt, this event is designed to encourage bias and resentment against students of a particular race, gender, and sexuality at Gettysburg College. 

A few weeks ago, the chapter brought Dr. Ryan T. Anderson to campus to deliver a lecture questioning the Left’s gender ideology. In response, Gettysburg administrators organized eight counter events, including a protest sign-making session and a “celebration of queer joy.”

Young America’s Foundation will track the status of the reports and ensure that the student as well as the administrators responsible for organizing this event are held accountable.