Update, October 14, 4:25 p.m.: After publication, Young America’s Foundation learned that an eighth counter-event has been announced. The Gettysburg College Women and Gender Studies Department will host an open house “celebration of queer joy” in the same building and at the same time as Anderson’s lecture.

Just days ahead of Dr. Ryan T. Anderson’s long-awaited lecture at Gettysburg College, hosted by the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, college officials have sent an invitation to the entire Gettysburg community encouraging students to attend protests and counter-programming organized by the institution.

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) will be hosting the following events to celebrate and support our students, faculty, and staff who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community,” the email from Associate Dean Cristina Garcia read.

A list of seven events organized in response to Anderson’s lecture was provided. Among them include an LGBTQ+ social hour, a drag show “celebration,” (which was held yesterday), and a protest sign-making event right before Anderson’s lecture, followed by a barbecue dinner sponsored by the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

Garcia goes on in her email to explain that those opposed to Anderson’s beliefs are allowed to protest inside of the event venue. 

Young America’s Foundation attempted to reach Garcia for comment, but was told that she’s unavailable due to meetings until Wednesday, which, conveniently for her, is the day after the lecture will have already happened.

“They want our event boycotted not because the rhetoric that will be shared is hateful or harmful, but because it is powerful, logical, and based in reality,” Andrew Breschard, Gettysburg YAF’s representative to the student government, wrote in an op-ed submitted to the student newspaper.

By working against YAF’s event at the institutional level, it’s abundantly clear that Gettysburg College is attempting to alienate conservative students, and lead them to feel that their common sense opinions are socially unacceptable. 

Fortunately, Gettysburg YAFers are brave, and refuse to give up.