By: Kyle Ferrebee 

Across the country, parents are fighting hard to push back against a concerted effort by the Left to advance graphic novels depicting cartoon images of minors engaged in sexual acts within their public libraries and schools, labeling them as “Young Adult” (ages 12-18). This shameful attempt by the Left is headed by the American Library Association, a nonprofit lead by a self-proclaimed Marxists.

Unfortunately, this struggle is ongoing even in Middle America. In Dixon, Illinois, hometown of Ronald Reagan and home to Young America’s Foundation’s Midwest campus, parents have been fighting hard to protect their children from exposure to graphic and obscene content and to maintain the integrity of their libraries.

Last week, local citizens gathered in hopes for a resolution from the town’s library board. Numerous parents plead with the board to remove all books—including Gender Queer which is facing legal challenges in states across America—featuring graphic cartoon depictions of young people engaged in sexual intercourse, including anal, oral, and orgies from minors.

“If it’s depictions of sex, stay in the adult, but these can’t go in the adult [section] because there’s a depiction of minors engaging in sex. That is illegal,” one parent begged.

“It’s not about the pride. I would be upset if these were depictions of straight children having sex or [shown sexually]. It should not be here.” She continued.

Unfortunately, the library neglected to make a motion on the books despite previous calls from the public to undergo an investigation to remove all obscene content from the library.

Leftists in attendance pursued the all-too-common tactic of name-calling and applying false arguments.

“On our first vacay in three years, and our hearts and minds are with the people who showed up for the First Amendment rights for our public library and the rights of young, gay kids to not be hidden during Pride Month,” the wife of the Director of Dixon Public Library posted on Facebook.

“I hate bigots and I don’t say it enough,” she added.

Others tried to shame those in attendance by making the disgustingly egregious claim that limiting minors from accessing LGBT pornographic books in the public library would lead to suicides in town—despite studies showing that “gender-affirming” intervention have no effect on youth suicide. Local media also maligned the requests from concerned families, attempting to paint YAF activists and concerned parents as radical outsiders.

The reality, though, is that advocates who support obscene books like Gender Queer are radicals intent on sexualizing our youth. Obscene content does not belong in public libraries, especially those books that contain graphic cartoon depictions of minors engaged in sexual acts, and these books certainly should not be accessible for minors. Any argument to the contrary flies in the face of decency and is truly heinous.

YAF supports the struggles of families across America to protect their children and ensure their schools and libraries are safe for their children to grow and learn.

If explicit material has made its way into your community or campus, be sure to send a tip to YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line!