By: Joe Prendergast

Following the discovery of obscene books accessible to minors at the Dixon Public Library in Dixon, Illinois, a story broken by The New Guard, more than 100 concerned parents and community members attended a meeting of the Dixon Library Board on Monday demanding the library remove the pornographic books from being accessed by children.

Parents and concerned citizens made their voices heard, speaking during an extended public comment session. The energy within the Dixon City Hall, where the crowd overflowed into the hallway, was palpable, as frustrated parents voiced their concerns and demands to protect their children and the integrity of the community that President Ronald Reagan called home as a boy.

One concerned citizen stated, “I’m here on behalf of [my] five grandkids…Pornography is pornography. I would no more expect to find a copy of Playboy magazine in the library than I would these books.”

Another attendee expressed concern at the wider trend of sexualizing children:

What I don’t understand is why the library wants this type of book, with this content, available for anyone to pick up and look through. This specific book, Gender Queer, displays people performing sexual acts on each other, and should not be proudly displayed for anyone to view. We don’t understand why society is pushing such sexualized content on our children, of all ages, especially young children.

The broader societal context was also hit-on by another speaker, an area mother, to a round of applause: “We can clearly see the depravity of our society when we even have to have a meeting to discuss the point that our children should not be exposed to pornography.”

Speakers demanded that the library remove the contested books from within reach of minors, and that they conduct an investigation to detect any other obscene content available to minors. According to the Board President, the board could not act on the matter at this meeting, claiming the director of the library was on vacation. However, attendees were told that the contested books will not be available until a review of the material is conducted.

YAF looks forward to continuing to support students and parents endeavoring to protect their students’ rights and America’s founding principles.

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