By: Haylee Fishburn

A pro-life memorial display was vandalized at a college in California, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip line.

The display put on by Clovis Community College’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter served as a memorial for the innocent lives lost to abortion. 2,363 flags were planted, representing the number of humans killed each day. The display also featured a sign that explained the project and resources for those in need of help.

Soon after the display was set up, the sign was stolen.

Chairman of CCC YAF Alejandro Flores told YAF, “This theft of our sign is a sad reminder of the intolerance our student body possesses when it comes to discussing tough and prevailing issues.”

“This occurrence just solidifies how crucial it is for student groups like YAF to be on every campus in America and how important a role these student groups play in ensuring that diversity and freedom of thought remain on our campuses.”

CCC Director of Marketing & Communications Stephanie Babb told YAF that the school was made aware of the incident, adding that “I printed a new sign for the Club and installed it along with a note saying ‘This exhibit is sponsored by an approved student club. Please do not remove. Thank you.’”

CCC President Dr. Lori Bennett emailed a statement to employees affirming that the exhibit is “an approved ‘free speech’ event organized by a recognized CCC student club.”

“The college is required to provide ‘free speech’ space on our campus. It does not mean that the college supports or opposes a specific ideology.”

In November of 2021, YAF reported on the destruction of a Saint Louis University pro-life display and the subsequent berating of pro-life students.

The Left has zero tolerance for the pro-life movement. And it’s clear from the school president’s statement that administrators only begrudgingly allow free speech zones on campus because they have to. Students must continue to fight to protect the lives of the innocent and refuse to allow their peers to silence them. Brave YAF students must continue fighting to end abortion.