A pregnant woman led a seminar Tuesday evening in which she provided instructions and resources to Texas A&M University students on how to perform a “self-managed” abortion.

“I’m due in November,” Dr. April Lockley told approximately two-dozen students in the Zoom audience, with a smile on her face.

The seminar, which was hosted by a leftist student organization and advertised to the entire student body using the university’s email distribution system (with the approval of administrators), lasted nearly an hour. Things quickly took a dark turn when Lockley moved on from her pregnancy announcement to providing an instruction manual on how to terminate unborn children.

“People thought this was going to be a game changer, you know, especially myself, being a family medicine doctor,” Dr. April Lockley said of the Biden administration’s loosening of restrictions on the abortion pill last year. 

In the time since the federal restrictions were loosened, however, the Supreme Court’s recent life-affirming decision in favor of Dobbs cleared the path for the Texas state legislature to ban abortion in all forms, regardless of method, including through the use of drugs.

Though Lockley went into extensive and graphic detail to explain the process and outcome of a “self-managed” abortion, she didn’t clearly explain how students can obtain the now-illegal drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol. Some Texans are reportedly crossing the border into Mexico, where no prescription is required to obtain them. Others are ordering pills from a company called Plan C, which ships its orders from an overseas location in order to evade prosecution.

Lockley also took a brief opportunity to promote numerous other leftist causes under the umbrella of “reproductive justice”:

“We practice what we would call kind of like, reproductive justice. And that kind of takes into account being a person who is there for people in their decisions and caring about all the things that make people feel safe and secure. So, caring about climate change. Caring about, you know, transgender and non binary people. Caring about police violence and racism. A lot of us in this work are advocates for plenty of other things as well,” Lockley said towards the end of her remarks.

Members of the Texas A&M Young Americans for Freedom chapter were in attendance, and attempted to push back against some of Lockley’s blatant misinformation during the question and answer session of the program. Unfortunately, YAF members were ignored and removed from the meeting.

“This seminar was full of leftist word jumble. The questionability of the content presented in the seminar still forces me to question why Texas A&M would allow one of their student organizations to host and promote such a seminar using university resources,” Rachel Sweeney, Chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter, told YAF.

The event is currently under investigation for allegedly violating a section of the university’s handbook that prohibits the promotion and use of illegal drugs, according to a post by pro-life advocacy group Texas Right to Life.

“The woman who led the event is pregnant herself. This demonstrates that the key question at hand is not whether life begins at fertilization–science has already determined that–but whether you believe life in the womb is valuable. We believe that human rights begin when human life begins,” Kimberlyn Schwartz, communications director for Texas Right to Life, told YAF.

Universities should never allow students or guest speakers to use official resources to promote illegal activity. Hopefully, the investigation will result in consequences for the leftist student organization as well as the administrators who approved the all-school invitation.

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