Update, September 20, 9:35 a.m.: After publication, Texas A&M University Associate Vice President Kelly Brown provided the following comment:

“Like most public universities if not all, Texas A&M has an [opt-out] listserve to which students and employees can receive emails about campus events, lectures, etc. The email being referenced was from that listserve, and is not an official email from Texas A&M University. It was written by someone in a student organization and sent through the email.” “Everyone on flagship campus gets it and can take quick action (by clicking a button) to be removed from the list.”


A recent university-wide email sent to Texas A&M University students promoted an event that will teach students how to perform a “self- managed abortion,” according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

The event, which is scheduled to take place over Zoom on Tuesday evening, will feature abortion advocate Dr. April Lockley.

“Students will learn the various ways individuals self-manage and self-source medication abortion, as well as the impact of increasing telehealth access to abortion services,” the emailed invitation says.

Lockley describes herself in her Twitter bio as a “reproductive rights and justice advocate with a side of Black girl magic.” 

Somewhat ironically, she tweeted earlier this year, “Let’s celebrate Black birth,” despite the fact that she actively promotes abortion, which disproportionately affects pre-born black babies by a factor of more than six times, compared to pre-born white babies.

“An event teaching young women how to ‘self manage’ an abortion is abhorrent. Especially when it involves teaching them how to find medication on their own, without the help of medical professionals,” Rachel Sweeney, Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at Texas A&M University, told YAF.

“This is not healthcare, and is not something a school, any school, should be promoting,” Alexis Rutledge, a member of TAMUYAF, added. 

It is unfortunate that Texas A&M University is promoting an event that seeks to end, as opposed to facilitate, life. Young America’s Foundation intends to attend the forthcoming virtual lecture, and will provide an update.