Just two weeks after Young America’s Foundation brought national attention to a pool party for “LGBTQ+ five to 11 year-old children” hosted by a city council member in Missouri, the embattled local official announced her immediate resignation.

“I’m tired,” Amy Hoogstraet, who was slated to remain in office for two more years, wrote in a statement posted to Facebook. “As much as I enjoyed city council, there are three things that have always been more important to me: my family, my friends, and my LGBTQ+ advocacy,” she continued.

In addition to her now-former role as a city council member, Hoogstraet serves as Youth Coordinator for the GLO Center, the radical leftist organization that hosted the disturbing event last month. 

According to a public records request recently published by Nixa Government Watch, Hoogstraet allegedly used her city email address to book a reservation of the city’s public pool for the afternoon of August 21.

Emails obtained through a public records request show city council member Amy Hoogstreat booking a private pool party for “LGBTQ+ five through 11 year olds” using her official city email address. (Nixa Government Watch)

“I want to mention something very important: this pool party is for a group of LGBTQ+ kids, and I booked it so that they could have a swim party where they feel comfortable and know that everyone is accepting and affirming of them,” she wrote in an email to Victoria Bleau, Aquatics Manager of the Nixa Parks and Recreation Department.

Local residents, as well as individuals across the country who learned of the situation through YAF’s coverage, expressed immense anger and concern that Hoogstraet and her organization would host a sexually-themed event targeted at pre-pubescent children.

“Whilst I accept people for who they are, even if I disagree with their way of life, I draw the line at corrupting the innocents,” a mother remarked in the comments section of YAF’s original coverage.

“In no sane world does a 5-11 year-old know that they are ‘LGBTQ+,’ unless their parents are pushing that agenda on them. That is not something that comes up naturally in conversation or in the mind of a young child,” Young America’s Foundation Spokeswoman Kara Zupkus said on a local radio interview last week.

While the resignation of this depraved woman is a significant step in the right direction, she and those of her ilk still pose a significant threat to young children. Hoogstraet concluded her statement of resignation by writing, “my support and advocacy work is now more important than ever. I’m grateful that I will now have more time and energy to devote to that, and that is something from which I will never resign.”