A radical advocacy group in the Ozarks region of Missouri hosted a “Rainbow Kids Back-to-School Pool Party” for “LGBTQ+” children, ages five through 11 this past weekend, according to a tip submitted through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

“Just 6 days until this awesome FREE pool party just for LGBTQ+ kids aged 5-11! We hope to see you there,” announced Amy Hoogstraet, Youth Coordinator for the GLO Center, in the Nixa community Facebook group. 

An image of Amy Hoogstraet, Youth Coordinator of the GLO Center & Nixa, Missouri City Councilwoman | (Facebook)

Amy Hoogstraet, Youth Coordinator of the GLO Center & Nixa City Councilwoman | (Facebook)

In addition to her role with the GLO Center, Hoogstraet serves on the Nixa City Council, where she is slated to remain in office until 2024.

The GLO Center rented out the Nixa Aquatic Center for the evening, and invited dozens of children to join. It is unclear how many children did end up attending, as community protesters were not allowed to enter the gated pool area.

Representatives with the GLO Center did not immediately respond to YAF’s request for comment. The organization is currently promoting its next event, “GLO’s Big Gayrage Sale & Queer Marketplace,” which will be held this coming weekend.

Throughout the past month, the organization has also held a “Pride in the Park” event, as well as a youth prom night–electing “revolution leaders,” as opposed to the traditional prom king and queen.

The Facebook post announcing the pool party received overwhelmingly negative reactions from community members, though several others expressed support and excitement for the controversial event.

“Meh they can just be mad. We are going to have fun!” a mother commented.

“Nixa is a conservative community with Midwest values. That is what brought us to the area as we want our son to be brought up where agendas are not pressed into him. The LGBTQ community is a very small percentage of the population, and I am tired of it being forced upon everyone else”, Steven Pratt, a local father, told YAF.

“We have a city council member who is trying to turn this community into something that it’s not and trying to push her beliefs and agendas on the community,” he added.

Another concerned community member who wished to remain anonymous expressed discomfort with the age group that the GLO Center targeted with its latest event:

“No child at the age of five or seven is old enough to be exposed to these topics of sexual nature and indoctrination. They should be learning about math and writing instead of declaring that they are lesbian or transgender or what have you,” they told YAF. 

Hoogstraet noted on Facebook that the group’s next event geared toward five to 11 year-olds will be held in October.

This event is yet another piece in the puzzle of the Left’s nationwide campaign to indoctrinate youth into the LGBTQ+ cult. The Conservative Movement needs courageous parents to stand up and speak out, as many have started doing in the small town of Nixa.