A community college in Illinois sent a campus-wide email warning staff and students that tonight’s Young Americans for Freedom event featuring Elisha Krauss on transgenderism was “not being sponsored” by the school, and offered psychological services to those “triggered” by the event.

Karen Hlavin, vice president of the College of Lake County (CLC), begrudgingly admitted that the school was required by law to allow the event to go on.

“Speech that deeply offends our morality or is hostile to our way of life warrants the same constitutional protection as other speech because the right of free speech is indivisible,” the email said.

“Some individuals find the topic of transgender identity a sensitive one and may not want to attend this virtual event or engage in communication that may include trigger words. Students may receive emotional support through our Counseling and Psychological Services department or attend one of the upcoming Lancer Circles.”

CLC landed itself in hot water last school year after a staff member hung posters around campus claiming the YAF chapter was a hate group. The school hosted free speech training for staff following the incident.

Don’t fall for this silly administrator’s view that science is somehow “controversial.” To attend tonight’s campus lecture virtually, register here.