Elisha Krauss

Elisha Krauss is a conservative commentator, writer and podcaster. Currently, she is the host of The Washington Examiner Newsmaker Series and contributor at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Krauss previously hosted a morning show in Los Angeles with Shapiro for four years and produced the syndicated Sean Hannity Radio Show for seven years. She has also worked with Truth Revolt, PragerU and ran a congressional campaign. 
Her media appearances include CNN, NBC, OANN, Fox News and more. Krauss has a special place in her heart for radio and podcasting. She enjoys talking about issues related to the pro-life point of view, the Second Amendment, traditional family values, school choice, small government, free speech, feminism, and professional growth. 
Elisha resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughters.

Topics include:

  • Man, I feel like a woman
  • Have Safe Sex! Get married, be faithful
Elisha's Details
2nd Amendment Issues, Pro-Life, Traditional Values

Commentator, Journalist, Podcaster

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