Elisha Krauss

Elisha Krauss is a conservative commentator, writer and speaker. She still chooses to reside in southern California despite the struggles of living in a liberal Mecca. She loves fighting for the truth, engaging with young people, and stirring up dialogue — even with those who wish to shout her down.

Krauss was the youngest producer in ABC radio history when she became a producer of the Sean Hannity radio show at 18. She has since worked as a congressional campaign manager, a political and public relations consultant, was present and instrumental in the beginnings of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, and has worked with the David Horowitz Freedom Center and PragerU.

Topics include:

  • Man, I feel like a woman
  • Have Safe Sex! Get married, be faithful
Elisha's Details
2nd Amendment Issues, Pro-Life, Traditional Values

Commentator, Journalist, Podcaster

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