Cheri Cerame, Director of Information Technology

Cheri serves as Young America’s Foundation’s director of information technology. She is responsible for the day to day operation of the Foundation’s network infrastructure and the management of the Foundation’s website. Additional responsibilities include email management and live streaming of all student conferences.  Cheri also recently led the strategy to upgrade the student database and automate online student registrations.

Cheri was involved with Young Americans for Freedom in the early years and later worked out of YAF headquarters in the finance department.  She’s since worked for Young America’s Foundation as an assistant to the executive director and also a program officer.

When not caring for her Chihuahua’s, Cheri enjoys spending her weekends at the soccer fields watching her two grandsons Logan and Zachary, and at pageants and the softball fields rooting for her granddaughter Jocelyn. A favorite pastime of hers is gardening.

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