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Gain private access to Senator Rand Paul at this exclusive Reagan Ranch event!

Serving as a United States Senator for Kentucky since 2010, Senator Rand Paul is a bold champion of constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. As a fierce opponent of government overreach, Senator Paul fights tirelessly to return government to its limited, constitutional scope.

In his new book, The Case Against Socialism, Senator Paul outlines the history of socialism from Soviet Russia to modern Venezuela. He tackles common misconceptions about the “utopia” of socialist Europe and issues an urgent call to action against the forces destroying American liberty.

On the heels of the release of his new book, Senator Paul will reveal devastating truths about the dangers of socialism and the damage it does to its victims.

By signing up to virtually attend this private event at the Reagan Ranch in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA from your own home, you’ll get:

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Senator Rand Paul begins speaking TODAY at 3:45 PM ET.

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This event comes to you from the Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara. The Reagan Ranch Center is a schoolhouse for Reaganism where young and old alike can visit and learn more about one of America’s greatest presidents.

Once you sign up, we’ll let you know how to access the event portal! Questions? Contact us anytime.

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