Much information is being distributed about Young America’s Foundation and the events at Berkeley this week.

Please note, the university blocked every effort to provide a venue required to sponsor an educational event with Berkeley students.  

At no time was there ever a space or lecture time confirmed for Ann to speak. Conservatives shouldn’t be relegated to speaking outside under the threat of violence when numerous liberal speakers are given venues at any time they wish.

We didn’t run. We stepped up and sued Berkeley and we paid for Ann to give a lecture, not just give a brief speech on Sproul Plaza among violent protestors. 

We are moving ahead with our lawsuit to protect students First Amendment rights and ensure future conservative speakers do not face these obstacles when speaking at Berkeley.

  • BridgeCal and the Berkeley College Republicans, students active with Young America’s Foundation, contacted YAF for help bringing in Ann Coulter to speak on campus. YAF is the largest, oldest, and most effective organization sponsoring conservative voices on campus, with a track record of successfully facing down administrators, professors, protestors, and leftist activists hostile to conservative ideas.