Jessica Warner

Jessica Warner is the founding chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Western Washington University. Born and raised in Waipio, Hawaii, she and her family moved to Washington State when Warner was a freshman in high school.

Jessica graduated this past spring with a Bachelor of Science in biology/anthropology.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Warner’s chapter remained active, starting a virtual book club that brought together multiple YAF chapters across the country. Her activism led to her social media getting hacked by Pro-Chinese Communist Party sympathizers during her involvement with YAF’s #CCPNotForMe, an initiative that sheds light on the numerous Chinese Communist Party atrocities.

Warner relentlessly advocates for First Amendment rights by organizing free speech chalking demonstrations and posting YAF banners around campus, which were damaged and stolen. Once, she and some of her chapter members stayed up all night to catch the leftist vandals, who were removing YAF signs proclaiming “YAF Backs the Blue,” Freedom Over Socialism,” and “Pro-Gun is Pro-Woman.” The Young Democratic Socialists club eventually took credit for these cowardly acts of vandalism.

Warner also enjoyed using her creativity and graphic design skills to promote YAF campus activities. She created her chapter’s website and was in charge of graphics on her chapter’s social media pages. In her free time, she likes to draw and paint and recently learned to sew.

Warner also enjoys playing her guitar, cooking, and exploring. She loves outdoor activities, including swimming and snowboarding.


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