Ilinca Scalco

Ilinca Scalco is a development officer at Young America’s Foundation. Before joining the team, Ilinca graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a major in Political Science and International and Global Studies.

Ilinca immigrated to America from Romania with her family when she was 11 years old. Because she grew up in a country that once faced the perils of Communism, she knows all too well the importance of educating the next generation about the role of Conservative values in society.

Over the years, Ilinca has been involved with several campaigns and Conservative advocacy groups. She first learned about Young America’s Foundation when she was a freshman in college. During her time at UNCG, she attended multiple conferences across the country and was able to partner with YAF to bring Dinesh D’Souza on campus. D’Souza’s book: “Letters to a Young Conservative” had a major impact on her growth as a young conservative, and equipped her for her three years of overpriced, liberal arts college education.

Her passions include a wide array of policy issues ranging from advocating for the unborn, to supporting the existence of Israel. As a result, she is focused on educating young students and hopes to use her time at YAF to facilitate opportunities for the next generation.

Ilinca is honored to be part of the Young America’s Foundation, and looks forward in advancing the Conservative movement.

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