Grant Strobl, National Chairman

Grant Strobl is the National Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). During his tenure as chairman, YAF re-launched its individual membership program, launched a campus bias tip-line, expanded programs in high schools, and launched various programs on the Second Amendment and free speech.

Grant has been involved with YAF since high school in 2011. In high school, Grant successfully brought Steve Forbes to speak to an audience of 1,300 students. Then, at the University of Michigan he held packed events including a debate between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza and an event with Ben Shapiro. Grant also led the charge to reinstate the screening of the film American Sniper after attempts of censorship by university administration and resisted the University’s pronoun policy by declaring himself “His Majesty.”

VICE magazine calls Grant an “undeniable figurehead for millennial conservatism.” Grant’s hometown honored his work in the conservative movement through a proclamation of “Grant Strobl Day.” Grant has been published in the Federalist, National Review, the Detroit NewsRed Alert PoliticsConservative ReviewDaily Signal, and Fox News. He has been quoted in several prominent national and international publications including the USA TodayFox News, the Washington Post, and the Washington Times.

Grant received his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School with honors. He earned his undergraduate degree magna cum laude with high honors from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has previously served as a summer associate at Cooper & Kirk, PLLC and at the Office of the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice. Before then he interned for the Committee on House Administration, the Meese Legal Center at the Heritage Foundation, and “Hannity” on Fox News Channel.

MSU ‘Women*s’ Center Pushes for On-Campus Abortion
Michigan State University hosted a Planned Parenthood executive last month to speak on abortion. The event was marketed to help students “advocate for your reproductive health.” In reality, students were directed to the nearest abortion clinics and university staff attempted to normalize the atrocity, even suggesting abortion be made available directly on campus.