Eloise Smith

Young America’s Foundation is excited to welcome Eloise Smith as the curator of the Reagan Ranch Center.

In this role, Eloise helps preserve and protect President Reagan’s Western White House, Rancho del Cielo, and the many artifacts within the Reagan Ranch Center exhibit galleries.

Eloise is excited to be part of such an important project: saving and protecting conservative heritage for the next generation to learn from and enjoy.

A Grove City College graduate and diligent student of history, Eloise was inspired to save the tangible pieces of our history through two college internships in Sardinia, Italy, where she, along with several other Grove City students and faculty members, restored the famed Mont’e Prama statues.

As secretary of Grove City College’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, Eloise helped the group host several YAF speakers, create a Free Speech Wall, and organize events surrounding the 9/11: Never Forget Project and Constitution Day.

Through her time as a YAF activist, she became passionate about education and determined to promote ideas of informed patriotism to the next generation. Eloise also
attended the University College London, where she earned her master’s degree in museum conservation.

For the past two years, Eloise has worked as an American Studies teacher at a classical high school in her home state of Colorado.

Teaching gave her the opportunity to instill in students a love for America’s founding principles and an understanding of the vitality of remembering our historical identity.

A collegiate basketball player, Eloise loves watching the Denver Nuggets, hiking, and scuba diving with her family.

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