Bruce Eberle

Bruce Eberle has a passion for freedom and for America. His dream is to see an America that is not divided into groups, but unified as one people enjoying the American dream. His life has been spent raising funds for conservative candidates and organizations. Along with his wife Kathi, he founded the Eberle Communications Group in 1974. ECG has raised more than a billion dollars for conservative causes and other worthwhile organizations. He served as Ronald Reagan’s fund raiser in his first run for president in 1976.

Bruce has spoken a number of times at the International School of Fund Raising in England and Spain. Along with Vernon Robinson, he is the co-author of Coming Home, How Black Americans Will Re-Elect Trump, and the author of Political Direct Mail Fund Raising that has gone through six printings, and is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Bruce has been a conservative activist throughout his life. He served as local chapter chairman, state chairman, and national director of Young Americans for Freedom. In 1976 Bruce served as the fund raiser for Ronald Reagan in his run for President. In 1980, Bruce served as co-chairman of the Draft Jack Kemp for Vice President Committee. In 2016 it was Bruce’s idea to draft Dr. Ben Carson to run for president, and he got fully behind that effort, not only raising funds, but also assisting John Phillip Sousa with the writing of Rx for America. More than 1.3 million copies of that book were printed, sold, and distributed. For a number of years Bruce wrote a weekly blog advocating free markets, individual responsibility, and individual freedom.

He is a recipient of the Nehemiah award for leadership from Youth for Tomorrow (YFT), a residence home for at-risk boys and girls, and the Pro Gloria Dei award from Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) where he has twice given the commencement address. Bruce is a trustee of YFT, a Regent at WLC, and was a founder of Time of Grace Ministry, an international Christian evangelism organization. Bruce and his wife, Kathi, co-chair an annual gala to benefit Grace Christian Academy, a special school that provides a high quality education for the children of families, more than 50% minority, who would not otherwise be able to do so.

Bruce is a graduate in mechanical engineering, and a military veteran. He and his wife Kathi have two children, and four wonderful grandsons. Kathi and Bruce live in Vienna, Virginia.

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