Congressman Alex Mooney

Alex Mooney, former executive director of Young America’s Foundation’s National Journalism Center now serves as Congressman for the second district of West Virginia.  Since 1977 the National Journalism Center has trained aspiring young journalists in the values of responsible, balanced, and accurate reporting.  Mooney served as executive director of the National Journalism Center from 2005-2012 and said, “I’m able to tackle one of the biggest problems of our time–the outrageous liberal bias of the news media.  I’m able to work with some of the best and most outstanding young men and women in the country today.”

Mooney is one of the Conservative Movement’s brightest stars and he has made history as the first Hispanic to represent West Virginia in Congress.  He is a Dartmouth College graduate and served in the Maryland State Senate from 1999-2010, at the young age of 27.  Following his tenure in the Maryland State Senate, Mooney served as the Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party until 2013.  Ron Pearson, Vice President of Young America’s Foundation’s Board of Governors and Coordinator of Hill events said, “Alex Mooney is a proven young conservative leader who will be an example for young conservatives around the country. Alex’s dedication to conservative public policy, his experience, and his understanding of parliamentary procedure will provide him with the ability to advance conservative policies in Congress and soon make him a valuable leader for limited government in the new Congress.”

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