T.W. Shannon

One nation under God is the America T.W. Shannon believes we must uphold.

He is passionate about the values that have propelled our nation to the forefront of this global society.

T.W. is a young, dynamic leader who champions faith, family, hard work, and personal responsibility. This module is the heart of T.W. Shannon. T.W. has used his voice, as one calling in the wilderness, for our nation to turn back towards the beliefs of our Founding Fathers.

First elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2006 at the age of 28, T.W. began his fight for limited government. T.W.’s goal was to make Oklahoma the picture on the box for conservative values.

A proud, enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation, T.W. became Oklahoma’s youngest and first African American Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives on January 8, 2013.

During his service as Speaker, T.W. advocated to break the devastating cycle of government dependency.

“The best social program is a good paying job, and to have a good paying job, a man must be willing to work,” T.W. says.

“We cannot become the nation of handouts. This mentality becomes the breeding ground for a communist society. People have never come to this nation for handouts. They come for opportunity, the opportunity to work and build a better future for self and family. This is the America I know. This is the America I want for my grandchildren.” – T.W. Shannon

T.W. continues to be a leading voice in Oklahoma for states’ rights, and through his efforts, he has been called the most conservative Speaker in state history.

He has lead the Conservative Movement in Oklahoma through such efforts:

  • T.W. reformed Oklahoma’s welfare system by requiring recipients to work for their benefits.
  • T.W. was the first state elected official in Oklahoma to call for the repeal of Common Core. He co-authored legislation that successfully ended Common Core in Oklahoma.
  • T.W. created the first State’s Right Committee in Oklahoma’s history.
  • T.W. created a $5,000 tax deduction for foster parents, a national first.
  • T.W. lead the charge to repeal race and gender based affirmative action in Oklahoma.
  • T.W. has minimized the size of state government and reduce the state’s debt.

During T.W.‘s service, Forbes Magazine named Oklahoma as the state with the lowest unemployment rate and the best place to do business.

T.W. has reliably supported pro-life legislation. He has participated in the Pro-Family Legislators Conference, sponsored by historian David Barton’s WallBuilders organization.

T.W. has twice been a speaker at CPAC, has appeared on the covers of numerous publications, and featured inside Esquire Magazine.

T.W. has appeared on Fox and Friends, The Sean Hannity ShowThe Situation Room with Wolf BlitzerThe Mark Levin Show, and others.

T.W. has served on the advisory board for GOPAC, he is a Rodel Fellow, was named an Achiever under 40 by The Journal Record.

T.W. has successfully operated his own Public Relations company, Shannon Strategies, Inc. with his wife, Devon, since 2005.

This man’s work career began at Burger King at the age of sixteen, and he has been working towards the American Dream ever since.

T.W. earned a bachelor of arts in communications from Cameron University and holds a juris doctorate from Oklahoma City University Law School. He worked as a field representative for former Congressman J.C. Watts and Congressman Tom Cole. Fresh out of law school, T.W. served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Chickasaw Nation, overseeing ten thousand plus employees for his tribe, which is one of the most prosperous Native American tribes in the country.

T.W has been married to his college sweetheart, Devon, for 13 years and they have two children, Audrey Grace and T.W. II. This dynamic, conservative leader who champions faith, family, country and hard work is on the move.

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