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Steve Moore is from Winnetka, Illinois, and serves as a Co-Chair of the Save America Coalition led by the America First Policy Institute and is the chairman of the Task Force on Economic Revival at FreedomWorks. Previously, Moore served as a Senior Economic Adviser to President Donald J. Trump, where he focused on tax reform, regulatory reform, and energy policy. He has more than 30 years of experience as an economist and is a leading thinker on the impact of government on business. Moore regularly provides clients with a deepened understanding of the shifts in our global economy.

He is a regular guest on national TV with appearances on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, and CNBC, among many others. During his career, Moore has served as a senior economist at the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and as a senior economics fellow at the Cato Institute, where he published dozens of studies on federal and state fiscal policy. He advised the National Economic Commission in 1987 and served as a research director for President Ronald Reagan’s Commission on Privatization. He is also the founder of the Club for Growth, and economist at the Heritage Foundation, and the author of six books including Trumponomics.


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