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Stephen Miller is one of the original and leading voices, thinkers and strategists of the America First Movement. He is consulted regularly by Members of Congress and state and local leaders, appears routinely on television and radio, and is now building the next chapter for the movement to ensure the future is written by America First.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Stephen Miller got his start in politics during high school, regularly appearing on talk radio to expose radical indoctrination in the classroom.

From there, Miller went to Duke University, where he led a chapter of Students for Academic Freedom, served as the Executive Director of the Duke Conservative Union, organized for Young America’s Foundation, and wrote as a columnist for the Duke Chronicle. He was one of the earliest voices, in print and on television, warning against a rush to judgement in the Duke Lacrosse case.

After college, Miller went to Capitol Hill, serving as a senior aide to Congressional Republicans, including as a top GOP staffer on both the Senate Judiciary and Senate Budget Committees. He was instrumental in defeating President Obama’s amnesty drive in 2013 and 2014, and forging the framework for a new conservative populism that prioritizes America’s own citizens.

Miller was an early supporter of then-candidate Donald Trump, swiftly joining the historic Trump Campaign as a Senior Policy Advisor – and soon becoming a core, valued and trusted aide to the future President. From this post, he oversaw the development of the campaign’s policy platforms, including on taxes, energy, inner city revitalization, and foreign affairs.

Following President Trump’s extraordinary victory and precedent-shattering upset, Miller served as the National Policy Director for the presidential transition and worked on many of the new Administration’s key executive orders and actions.

After inauguration, Miller was appointed as Senior Advisor to the President for Policy. In his role as Senior Advisor, he offered his counsel on all the major issues of the day–including trade, education, the economy, social policy, foreign policy, public safety, and homeland security. Miller played a pivotal role in President Trump’s hugely-successful strategy to secure our Southern Border and the U.S. immigration system. And he was closely involved in the President’s effort to fight Cancel Culture and save our national heritage, history and heroes.

Few people are in a better position to discuss the extraordinary achievements of the Trump Administration — and the incredible future of the America First Movement.

Whether it’s confronting China, defending the rule of law, or promoting our nation’s eternal values, Stephen Miller has been, and remains, at the forefront of the new conservative populism that is changing politics forever.

Topics include:

  • Populism, Politics and the Future of the Conservative Movement
  • Campus Organizing: Leadership Lessons for College Activists
  • The America First Movement
  • Border Battle: Defending the American Homeland
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