Nicole Hoplin

Nicole serves as a vice president of Young America’s Foundation, where she takes a lead role in development efforts.  Her responsibilities include managing relationships with supporters, grant writing, hosting visits of the historic Reagan Ranch, and overseeing the Foundation’s annual cruises.

Nicole manages relationships with granting foundations and families to identify mutual goals and advance freedom and liberty with new audiences of young people.  She’s highly involved with all aspects of proposal development, reporting, program analysis, and communication with thousands of supporters annually.  Her work also includes hosting supporters for private and life-changing visits and retreats at President Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo.

Since 2005, Nicole has built and managed the Foundation’s cruise program.  Over the years, she’s coordinated tours, dinners, and other events to engage with foreign dignitaries and world leaders.  These include Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain; Polish President Lech Walesa of Poland; Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar of Spain; President Mart Laar of Estonia; President Vytautas Landsbergis of Lithuania; and Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia, among dozens of others.

In addition to these roles, Nicole also writes on the topic of philanthropy and has been published in numerous publications over the years.  She coauthored Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement (Regnery Publishing, 2008) with Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson.  The book profiles the most important philanthropic gifts to advance freedom and free enterprise and tells the stories of those who gave these important contributions.  The American Spectator found the book to have “biographies good enough for movie material.”  U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Bob Tuttle said the book “was a thrill to read and an accurate account.”  John Fund with the Wall Street Journal described the book as “comprehensive and well-written.”  The Chronicle of Philanthropy said the book shines “a light on conservative philanthropy.”

Nicole completed her Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science and psychology from St. Olaf College in Minnesota and her Master in Public Policy degree with a concentration in Nonprofit Management and Leadership summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota.  She is a 2000 Truman Scholar and spent one year in a fellowship program at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in the Office of Intergovernmental and International Affairs.

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