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Michelle Easton is president of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.

She founded the Luce Policy Institute in 1993 after finishing twelve years of service in the Administrations of Presidents Reagan and Bush. She had received presidential appointments from both Presidents Reagan and Bush with Senate confirmation for her position at the U.S. Department of Education. Michele is also the author of How to Raise a Conservative Daughter.

In 1994, Virginia Governor George Allen appointed Ms. Easton to the Virginia State Board of Education, whose members later elected her President of the Board. She lead the Board to create the nationally acclaimed academic standards, tests, and a rigorous new system of accountability for both students and schools.

Prior to her government service, Ms. Easton worked for five years for Young Americans for Freedom and two years for National Right to Work, putting herself through law school at night to graduate from American University’s Washington School of Law in 1980. She received her BA in 1972 from Briarcliff College in New York where she briefly taught elementary school before moving to Washington in 1973.

Ms. Easton has traveled widely to promote conservative principles and spoken to scores of conferences and meetings. Her television appearances include “Firing Line,” “Fox News,” “AM Washington,” “News Talk Television,” “National Empowerment Television,” “Public Television,” and “C-SPAN,” and she has been interviewed on dozens of radio programs. Articles she has written have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Human Events, and many other newspapers and publications.

Throughout Ms. Easton’s 27 years of professional activism, she has known and worked with many fine women who are as offended as she is at the way their views are mischaracterized by radical feminists and other liberal darlings of the media. The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, under the leadership of Michelle Easton, is putting forward conservative role models for young women, helping to end the radical feminist monopoly of the discussion of the most important issues in America today, and assisting in the Institute mission to make parents preeminent in the education of their children.

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