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Matt Walsh is a popular writer, blogger, and speaker. His columns on The Daily Wire are read by millions each month. Matt is well known for his controversial and provocative insights into culture, politics, and religion. He lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two children.

Some of the topics he can address include:

  1. The War On Reality: Why The Left Has Set Out To Redefine Life, Gender, And Marriage
  2. Why The Pro-Life Movement Is Center Stage In The Culture War
  3. Modern Feminism’s Assault On Womanhood
  4. Hard Truths Every Millennial Must Accept
  5. The Hook Up Culture: Why Our Generation Is Afraid Of Commitment
  6. Why College Is Turning My Generation Into A Bunch Of Infantilized Brats
  7. How To Grow Up
  8. It’s Your Fault If You’re Offended
  9. Why You Don’t Deserve A 15 Dollar Minimum Wage
  10. Why White Privilege Is A Ridiculous Myth
  11. Why Transgenderism Is A Ridiculous Myth
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