John Barletta

John Barletta is author of Riding With Reagan: From the White House to the Ranch.

John retired from the Secret Service in 1997 after 17 years of dedicated service. He was commissioned into the Secret Service in 1974 and assigned to the Boston Field Office. In 1978, he was transferred to the Presidential Protective Division at the White House to protect Presidents Carter and Reagan. John was assigned to the Candidate Nominee Protective Division; the Dignitary Protective Division; and the Liaison Division.

In 1987, he was assigned to the Western Protective Division to oversee the Reagan Ranch detail, and he was later assigned to the Reagan Protective Division in Los Angeles.

John traveled around the world with Presidentand Mrs. Reagan, ensuring their protection and safety—from the White House to Camp David to Windsor Castle and even to Pope John Paul II’s summer residence nearRome. John, throughout nearly two decades of service to Ronald Reagan, spent countless hours with the President at the Ranch. Whenever the President was on a horse, John was right beside him. They shared a love of the outdoors—of riding in particular— and over time, became close friends. John served President Reagan longer than any other single agent.

John Barletta currently lives in Santa Barbara,California, living just a few miles from Rancho del Cielo. He is an outstanding equestrian and a member of the Rancheros Vistadores riding club. He also trains seeing-eye dogs for the Guide Dogs of America.

John’s first-hand experiences with and knowledge of President Reagan make him an invaluable asset to the Reagan Ranch and Young America’s Foundation’s efforts.

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