Jack Duffy

Jack Duffy is a junior at Newman Catholic High School.

Jack has been attending YAF conferences since his freshman year.

Despite slight push back from their school, the Newman Catholic YAF Chapter successfully coordinated the 9-11 Never Forget Project, and in doing so brought the fire department, local police force, first responders, the student body, staff, school chaplain, local news stations, and former Iranian hostage Kevin Hermmining all together to pray, remember, and educate. Following the event, YAF was disbanded by the Newman administration because some staff and students perceived the event and literature “islamaphobic” and “racist”.

Since the Newman YAF chapter was kicked off campus, Jack has held various YAF projects and events outside of his school. He has also helped to establish four other YAF chapters at surrounding schools and is currently starting more. Jack intends to continue his YAF activism in college on a larger campus.

Jack's Details
Non-YAF Speaker