Ian Haworth

Ian is a conservative writer, speaker and podcast host.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Ian moved to the United States after graduating from Oxford University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Before entering the world of political commentary, Ian worked in Silicon Valley as a Software Engineer. During this time, Ian spent almost four years working at Facebook, including on their “Misinformation” team as part of the “Fact-Checking” organization.

Ian then joined The Daily Wire to speak out against the growing anti-conservative nature of Big Tech, and to advocate in favor of fundamental American conservative principles from his perspective as an immigrant from the U.K.

While at The Daily Wire, he created news and commentary articles and videos, and was a voice on the hit daily news show, “Morning Wire.” Ian has also been published in Townhall.com, The American Mind, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Times of Israel, The Federalist, and numerous other news and media outlets.

Ian speaks regularly on college campuses, and also appears on television and radio outlets, including Fox Business, One America News Network, and Newsmax.

Ian lives in Nashville, Tennessee. You can follow him on all social media @ighaworth.

 Speaking topics include:

– Big Tech Censorship: How To Fight Back
– How To Debunk The Left’s Lies On Abortion
– China Is Our Generation’s Nazi Germany
– What Is Freedom?
– Becoming An American Conservative: Moving From The U.K. To The U.S.A.
– The Myth of Gun Control

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Big Tech & Social Media, Pro-Life, Second Amendment

Podcast Host, Speaker

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