David Newton

David Newton has consulted to over 600 entrepreneurs and new ventures since 1984, and is in his fourth year teaching in the Center for Executive Development for the Rady School of Management at the University of California San Diego.

He has appeared numerous times on CNN television, as well as CNN radio, national Chamber of Commerce radio, various talk-radio shows, and has spoken at The Heritage Foundation, and The Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC and Over 20 times for Young America’s Foundation & the Reagan Ranch Center.

For 5 years, Dr. Newton was Contributing Editor on Small Firm Finance for Entrepreneur magazine, and before that for 2 years was Contributing Editor on Growth Capital at Industry Week Growing Companies magazine.

He has had over 200 articles published, and authored 10 books including:

  • Entrepreneurial Ethics
  • How To Be A Small Cap Investor
  • Job Creation (Foreword by Arthur Laffer),
  • Crisis of Confidence (Foreword by Stephen Moore),
  • and his latest release, The Misguided History Of American Taxes (2016 Foreword by Fred Barnes).
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